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Holistic Equine Management

Welcome to Heart to Hand.

To do well in the world, domesticated horses have to understand human needs, requirements and expectations. But as with any teaching, it is the responsibility of the teacher to present the information with clarity, and in a way that the learner can understand. For many horses, the ways of humans remain a mystery, at best to be endured, and at worst to be resisted, resulting in a lot of unhappiness and potential danger for both. Horses end up being punished for behaviour that makes humans feel frustrated or unsafe, and neither party experiences the feeling of connection and love that first drew them together. This is damaging for any relationship. 

Listening is just as important as speaking. Horses actually have a lot to say when they realise humans are willing to listen. Listening well helps to create trust and mutual respect, meaning both parties can relax and enjoy each other's company. Because horses don't speak in words, but rather in body language and behaviour, learning to listen to horses is a skill. The good news is that anyone can learn to listen to horses.

We offer a variety of opportunities for individuals to discover how to communicate in ways that make sense to horses, and to enhance their well-being by understanding and catering to their needs. Our goal is to equip horse enthusiasts with insight, skill, and understanding that  fosters safe, fulfilling, and harmonious relationships with these magnificent creatures.


Please explore the areas of interest below for more information.

Lauren Mack

“We’ve been attending Heart to Hand sessions since July 2021 and have had the most wonderful experiences with Cathy, her team and the ponies. 
Since starting the sessions aged 3, my son has formed an amazing connection with Cloud, gained so much confidence and respect for being around the ponies, and learnt lots about horsemanship.
It’s not only been fun, but an opportunity to learn valuable life-skills. Cathy is welcoming, patient and explains things in a way the participants understand. 
We love H2H ”

Jacky Davies

"Cathy is a very experienced Masterson practitioner, which shows in her ability to touch, see and feel the differences in the horse's soft tissue that I am not always able to detect.


Regular equine body maintenance treatment brings results, and my horses are always the best judges on which practitioner they value the most; when Cathy arrives there is routinely an orderly queue formed as they line up requesting her body work."


Katherine Harberd

"The Heart to Hand track has been a labour of love by Cathy and her family for their horses and their land. Cathy created a masterplan which has blossomed with each passing season and the daily devotion of everyone working with the horses - all to a common purpose (the best for environmental and horse health and happiness).


As each element of the land has been transformed, so Cathy has watched her horses to see whether adjustments to the evolving track would suit them better. She considers every aspect of planting and nutrition, fencing and footing.


Horse herd synergy and health on this ever-evolving magical track bears testament to Cathy’s love  and dedication."

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