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Horses ask that we become honest and congruent in order to be their friends. They cannot give you their hearts if you are not safe and trustworthy.You cannot be safe and trustworthy if you do not know who you are...

For People

The primary objective of our equine interaction sessions is to create a safe and supportive learning environment that fosters positive experiences for both people and horses.

We place a special emphasis on:

  • Observing and interpreting horse interactions and relationships.

  • Understanding their innate needs, priorities, communication tools, and behaviours in ways that build empathy in humans, and trust and confidence in both parties.

  • Fostering a sense of connection in the relationship.

We facilitate theoretical understanding through:

  • Talks and demonstrations.

  • Practical workshops and hands-on activities.

  • Opportunities for participants to develop their leadership and communication skills while achieving specific horsemanship goals.

Through a blend of presentation and discussion sessions, role play, games, creative activities, and specific interactions with horses, participants learn about the difference between passivity, aggression, and assertiveness; creating and adapting plans; clarity and consistency in communication; self-awareness, self-control, and congruency; the value of rules and boundaries, and countless other skills. Horses are brilliant teachers.

Equine interaction sessions at Heart to Hand are managed by Cathy Koetsier and a dedicated team of helpers. Together, we are committed to building confidence and competence through positive experiences with equines.


​"I would like to thank you again for allowing my young son to experience a special relationship with Pippin which I hope ​will stick with him for the rest of his life. You allowed a calm connection between them with no pressure which has given him a great stepping stone for the future..."​

Jacky Davies

"Cathy was able to accommodate a last minute half-term arrival of my two young cousins, in her Kids Pony & Craft day. These active, outdoor-loving, animal-curious boys (aged 11 and 12) had a great time learning horse handling skills, and making horse-inspired crafts to bring home with them. I recommend the well-managed horse herd set-up, the teaching of skills, and Cathy’s ability to engage with and inspire pre-teen, tween and teenagers."

Lisa Jones

"Cathy was able in the space of a few short hours to help me overcome my fear of horses. She opened my eyes to how to relate and understand the incredible nature and communication style of these lovely animals. I only wish I could have spent more time with her and maybe even fulfill my lifetime dream of being able to ride. I whole heartedly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity seize the chance to learn from this amazing lady."

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