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​We must learn to listen. ​
Horses actually have a lot to say
but they like to speak softly.
If we pay attention we can hear their language...

For Horses & Ponies

Heart to Hand has evolved, and is evolving, out of a desire to build a better understanding between humans and the horses they love.​ I got my first horse thirty years ago, and the day I went to collect him I barely knew how to put on a headcollar, much less provide an environment conducive to a  horse's wellbeing. I didn't know that a saddle should be correctly fitted, that dental and hoof care should be done regularly, that there was any need to manage the diet. I learned these things, thanks to the care and assistance of the equestrians around me, but many mistakes were made. How my beloved first horse survived it all is amazing. Even more amazing was the relationship we would build over the next decade and the confident assurance we both had in our bond.  

The ensuing years have been a continued learning and discovery. How deep does the rabbit hole go? The more I learn the more I find there is to learn. It is like climbing mountain you reach the summit and find a whole range in front of you. 

The holistic approach of Heart to Hand focuses on horse care, health and wellness, interaction, communication, and positive training. 

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