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About Us



To provide insight into species-specific, compassionate care for equines; to foster deep connection between horses and humans, and to promote sustainable, holistic practices that enhance equine well-being in harmony with nature.


To cultivate an environment in which horses flourish in harmony with nature, and where humans comprehend and honour their distinctive needs. This vision guides us in our mission to enhance the well-being of horses and to foster harmonious relationships between horses and humans.

To achieve this vision, we have a strategic plan that includes the following key steps:

  • Education: We offer comprehensive training programs and workshops to educate horse enthusiasts about the unique needs of horses and how to cater to them effectively.

  • Awareness: We conduct awareness campaigns to enlighten the public about the importance of sustainable equine care and the role it plays in the overall well-being of horses.

  • Partnerships: We collaborate with other organizations, experts, and communities that share our vision to broaden our reach and impact.

  • Research: We continually invest in our own learning and research to stay updated with the latest findings in equine care and use this knowledge to improve our practices.

  • Sustainability: We promote and implement sustainable practices in all our operations to ensure the well-being of not just the horses, but also the environment they live in.

By following this plan, we aim to foster an environment where every horse thrives in harmony with nature, and where humans understand and respect their unique needs. This is how we plan to set a standard for holistic, sustainable equine care.


Our Team

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of people who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you achieve your goals. Our team is made up of experts in equine care, training and horsemanship. We are committed to providing you with an excellent and thorough learning experience and helping you develop a strong connection with your horse.

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Our Lecturers
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