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Horse Agility

Vanessa Bee founded the Horse Agility Club in the UK in 2009. SInce then it has grown into the 'International Horse Agility Club' with enthusiastic participants all over the world.


Horse Agility is similar to Dog Agility but the obstacles are designed for horses and ponies. You will partner with a pony to navigate an obstacle course while focusing on clear communication and positive horsemanship. It is a fun, positive way to build relationship and trust while achieving clear objectives. Horse Agility challenges and benefits the horse-human partnership and is great fun for all ages and abilities.

If you are new to Horse Agility we will start with the basics, introducing you to groundwork skills and making sure you know how to communicate effectively with a pony. Simulations and games will be used to to enhance understanding of equine body  language communication. Then you will have an opportunity to partner with one of our ponies to do a Horse Agility course with our guidance.  

If you have your own horse/pony, you can partner with him instead. 

Note: At introductory levels, no riding is involved. The focus is on developing positive interaction, good communication and effective groundwork skills. 



The ultimate aim of Horse Agility is to work the horse loose over obstacles just like in Dog Agility. But just like Dog Agility you cannot just turn up on the day and think it’s going to work! The training of horses to do Horse Agility is almost identical to Dog Agility - dog trainers teach the dog to lead, then to go over obstacles on the lead while using body language and verbal commands and then one day they turn him loose in a safe place and using the same signals see if they can still direct the dog over the obstacles..."

~ International Horse Agility Club founder,  Vanessa Bee



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