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Elizabeth VanRoss

Founder of 'AlignmentHorse'

57 years of riding experience

40 years of equine development experience

30 years of human/equine development experience

15 years of human holistic and sports massage experience

12 years of equine sports massage experience

10 years of equine body work experience (Masterson Method Practitioner)

7 years equine medical and rehabilitation experience working for the Liphook Equine Hospital

10 years of lecturing and clinician experience as the founder and owner of Normandy Equine/EquiAlign.

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My Story

" It occurred to me in the very beginning of my career that the training methods used to develop horses were shrouded in mystery, seemed contrary to the biology of the horse and were confusing and difficult for a large proportion of riders to understand. These methods seemed stuck in the past and were not making use of emerging scientific knowledge. If humans were finding the training of a horse confusing, I could only imagine how confusing it was for the horse. My work therefore has been devoted to the anatomical and behavioural study of both humans and horses. Studying the laws of nature assigned to both species, helped me devise training techniques that allow both parties to understand each other. This understanding allows both horse and rider to progress into training by avoiding both physically and mentally damaging conflict. Both equine and human anatomy, physiology and behaviour are broken down into bite size study modules in a logical progression, whether starting a horse under saddle, rehabilitating a horse, or developing the genetic potential of a competing equine athlete. These techniques do challenge more traditional methods, but having successfully used them on hundreds of horses all over the world, I believe they are a step into the future of equine development. They are also a spring board for young innovative equine scientists, trainers and riders to evolve the development of the equine athlete to match the genetic advancements in breeding that are producing the champions of today. At a more grass roots level, the simple application of these techniques will afford greater welfare to the ridden horse and greater security to their riders..."

Background to AlignmentHorse

Liz spent 7 years running the Equine Rehabilitation programme at Liphook Equine Hospital. For decades she has worked with veterinarians and equine bodyworkers and studied equine anatomy, behaviour and neurology to create 'AlignmentHorse',  an approach to horse-development with which she has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of horses. Her current focus is not only on rehabilitating horses but even more importantly on preventing occurrences and recurrences of debilitating equine conditions. She works closely with horse owners and riders at all levels up to Grand Prix and 4* Eventing, to help them to work in better alignment and harmony, benefiting the horse’s mental, physical and emotional well-being. Liz has applied modern anatomical science to developing horses so that they can answer the questions we ask in any equine discipline. Her work also draws on new neurological understanding of horse brains, herd dynamics and natural instincts. It has fascinating relevance to anyone in the fields of equine bodywork, dentistry, podiatry, saddle-fitting and training (riding and groundwork in every discipline).


Online Course 

The theoretical underpinnings of the AlignmentHorse approach is explained step by step. Liz then discusses the practical application in developing horses that are able to understand and answer our questions. She will also occasionally review submitted videos where these are illustrative of the elements of the approach under the spotlight.


Upcoming Events & Courses - 2024

  • 17-19 June 2024: In-person Clinic at the Unicorn Trust - there are places for riders/owners with their horses as well as for auditors (click on the Flyer for more information).

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  • Continuing into 2024, Liz will run further online courses, both for personal equine development and also for anyone wanting to become an AlignmentHorse practitioner. Please join our mailing list for updates about these courses.

  • There are also face-to-face opportunities to train with Liz in Normandy - contact us for more information.

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