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It all began with a little horse called Histor. Sired by 'Historian' out of a mare named 'Fair England', this chestnut Thoroughbred came to live with me when he was just four years old. Young as he was, he had already had a failed racing career and been a movie star in an BBC production about Cecil John Rhodes. Upon completion of the project the equine film cast of around 30 horses was put up for sale, and my sister Kim and I went  to to see them, hoping to buy her a horse. When I saw Histor galloping towards me in a sunrise filled golden dust cloud I was smitten, and two weeks later, a very generous gift from Kim, he was mine. He was the keeper of my heart for ten years, until his untimely death from cancer. 

By then, life without a horse was unimaginable, and the passion was shared with my children. Over the next decade we welcomed a succession of lovely animals into our family: Candy and her foal, Tiffany; Blaine; Pippin; Teri; Waznot; Tim the show pony (whom we called 'Timmy Tiptoes' because he was so dainty); Cloud; JJ; Maestro; Dora Explorer (who didn't belong to us but who came to stay for a year while her owner was in India);  Bertie; Aragorn and Jock. Most recently we had Alfie and Roux, on loan for 2 years, who have now gone to live as conservation ponies on land managed by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. One daughter has carried the love of horses into the next generation and her children have Flint and Vinnie, while she has a beautiful Lipizzaner named Baron. *

My first horse was kept in livery, which was a good idea as I had so much to learn. Looking back I am still a little surprised, not only that my horse and I survived my inexperience, but that we were able to build such a special relationship. After our move to England, we kept our horses at home with us, first on the rented property that was our home for a decade, and then on our own land in Norfolk, where we still live. Keeping our horses at home precipitated us into another steep learning curve, and once again my ignorance was on display. Thankfully all our horses  thrived on our love, commitment and willingness to learn. The knowledge I hold today is the fruit of those  intimidating journeys outside my comfort zone.

And I am still learning. The longer I live my life in the presence of horses, the more I know that I am only scratching the surface of all they have to teach me. I think all of nature holds such secrets, and we, like children can join in the treasure hunt - if we are willing to do so with the wonder, the humility and the joy of childhood. This website grew out of my desire to share my discoveries, and to open space for all of us to learn a bit more. This is my gift back to the horses who have so enhanced my life.

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