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Masterson Method Equine Bodywork

Masterson Method

The Masterson Method® is a unique, interactive method of equine bodywork that anyone can learn, to help build trust with the horse. Years of stress and stiffness can  often be resolved in a few sessions, by relieving built-up tension in core muscles and key junctions of the body that affect the horse’s performance.


Certified Practitioner List

Masterson Method practitoners - worldwide


Masterson Method Videos

A collectiom of free educational  videos on the Masterson Method


Masterson Method Blog

Articles about the Masterson Method


Masterson Method Q&A

Frequently asked questions about The Masterson Method and how these equine bodywork techniques can help with a myriad of behavioral and training issues. 

Equine Interaction

Equido Horsemanship

Equido is a destailed and comprehensive training methodology and system designed and developed by Ross Dhu Equestrian.


Think Like A Pony (Yorkshire, England)

 A leading organisation in the field of equine therapy, pony training and children's natural horsemanship. Through educating young people in how to communicate with a pony and ride in balance TLAP  empowers  them to develop confidence, resilience  and powerful communication skills.

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch (Oregon, USA)

Founded on hope, the ranch is a place where broken children, horses and families can find wholeness, belonging and trust. This richness is expressed through the   healing embrace of God's unconditional love.


Horses for Orphans (Anápolis, Brazil)

A charity working mainly in Brazil, offering orphans, street-children and 'At Risk' children opportunities to learn  horsemanship  and how to  interact positively with animals. There is a  strong focus on  relationship-building and healing of the heart.  Connection with the world and with living things grows out of restoration of  connection with God. ​

Horse Agility

The International Horse Agility Club

 Horse Agility is a discipline and an internationally competitive sport in which horse and handler, both on foot, navigate a course of obstacles while focusing on clear communication and positive horsemanship.  Competitions can be entered online. There are also many competition days organised by Accredited Horse Agility trainers.

The Horse Agility Club - Great Britain

Horse Agility in Britain


Horse Agility Accredited Trainers 

 A complete list of Horse Agility Accredited Trainers (HAAT's) 

Our Friends Think Like A Pony Horse Agility Horses For Orphans

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